Good ideas

Good ideas

All ideas that you document and consider are good ideas even if you don’t accomplish to fulfill them at the moment.

A bad idea is to not learn anything from your ideas, even if you fulfilled them or not.

To document your ideas Microsoft has created One Note which is an electronic note book where you can write all types of ideas, add pictures and draw charts. One Note is available to anyone with a Microsoft account in their service SkyDrive and Office 365. One Note is of course also available in the Office-package you can install on your computer too.

The big advantage of One Note is that you can have our notes synced to your Skydrive account and then you can access your notes from any computer using the Internet, or from your smartphone using the app available for both Android and iPhone (for those of you who are still using iPhone). And you can of course also access your notes directly from your computer in the One Note software. If you also get Office 365 you get yearly updates of Office and you get it connected to your Skydrive account, which means even more space for your documents.

So to try One Note, download the app from Google Play or visit SkyDrive.com and login with your Microsoft Account.

When you create a new OneNote notebook you get to choose if you want to store the notebook on your computer or if you want to have it available on th web too. The later is of course recommended if you’re going to make the most of your notebook 😉

Create a new Onenote notebook

If you’re not already logged in into your Microsoft account you’re asked to login, and after that you can choose the location of your One Note notebook. In my case I prefer to save all my notebooks and other documents in the documents folder.

Once your notebook has been created you can add new tabs for grouping your notes. In my example I added Office 365, PowerPivot and Excel 2010 as my tabs where I can write my article ideas on the different subjects.

Tabs in Onenote notebook

Since we selected to have this notebook shared on the web we can now access it from any computer with Internet (you need to login to your Microsoft account) and you can also read and update your notes from your smartphone.

No more searching for your notebook (or forgetting your important notes at home while on the way to an important meeting) 🙂

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