Save to OneDrive directly from Excel, Word or PowerPoint

In Office 2010 and later (Office 2013 etc) there’s a function (which according to me is way too hidden) where you can save directly to your OneDrive account without having OneDrive setup on the computer you’re using. This could be very useful if you’re working with a file at the office and need to have access to it from other computers (at home for example) and you don’t want to upload the files all the time to get access to them.

In Excel select File > Save & Send > Save to Web in the menu to get to where you can setup OneDrive directly in Excel (see below for Word, PowerPoint).

Save to OneDrive

If you haven’t setup OneDrive with Excel before you need to login the first time you use this menu. Click the Sign in button to fill in your Outlook.com, Hotmail or Messager details (the login information you use to access your OneDrive).

Login to OneDrive from Excel

Now it’s possible to select where you want to save your files. If you checked Sign me in automatically when you logged in you will always see the folder structure from this page, otherwise you have to login every time (recommended for public computers, or if you borrow someone else computer).

Save your files to OneDrive

Select where to save our files and press the Save as button. Now you can find your saved file under Recent. If you check the pin after the file in the list you will have it pinned to the top (good to do for files you work frequently with).



When you save a file using the normal save_in_excel button in Excel the file is uploaded to your OneDrive account. This way you don’t have to remember to upload the file when you’re done.

If everything is working you should see Uploading to server every time you press the save button. This means that the file is saved to your OneDrive account and you will be able to access the file on your other computers and in surfpads etc.


In Word


In Word you have pretty much the same menu as in Excel for saving to OneDrive:

Word Save & Send to OneDrive


In PowerPoint


And of course in PowerPoint too 😉

PowerPoint: Save and send to OneDrive


In Access

In Access it’s a different story, but lets take that at some later time 😉


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